Apply for accommodation

If you, or someone you know would like to make a referral to Norton Housing & Support, you will need to meet the following criteria:

In order to apply for our schemes, we request applicants to be able to meet the following criteria list:

  • Be over eighteen years of age
  • Have on-going mental health needs or a learning disability
  • Be eligible for a direct payment or have means of meeting the support/ineligible charge
  • Be self-medicating and concordant

We do not have the skills or resources to meet the needs of people with the following:

  • A significant history of violent and/or abusive behaviour
  • Active and frequent usage of illegal drugs with no motivation to change
  • A predominant diagnosis of Personality Disorder, Substance Misuse or have significant Forensic Concerns
  • A history of damage to self, or others in a joint living scheme

Have questions?

If you are a partner agency and wish to contact Norton Housing and Support in order to arrange a referral or would like a staff member to come out and speak to you further about our services, then please contact us on 0116 2538541 or send an enquiry through the website

Contact Us Today

If you wish to apply for accommodation with Norton Housing & Support, or you wish to apply on someone’s behalf, you will need to fill in one our application forms which can be downloaded here, or for a hard copy please contact us on 0116 2538541.

Norton Housing and Support is determined to ensure that no applicant is excluded from our services for any unjustifiable reason. We welcome referrals from people with mental health issues and other vulnerable groups who are in need of housing and support and strive to give full, fair and impartial consideration to each applicant.

Please note that we take Applicants’ Privacy, as well as our duties under data protection legislation, seriously.  We therefore ask that applications for accommodation are signed by the Applicant.  We have a Privacy Statement explaining how we use Applicants’ Data, available Here