We have a well-established track record of supporting customers to achieve agreed outcomes in areas such as:

  • accessing universal services
  • accessing work-related or educational opportunities
  • gaining confidence and motivation
  • increasing social contact
  • developing and maintaining domestic life skills
  • managing own safety and security
  •  exercising choice and taking control

 Social Return on Investment (SROI)

In 2016, Norton Housing & Support commissioned an independently evaluated and accredited SROI exercise to enable us to better understand the social value generated by our services. The recently published report confirms that for every £1 spent we generate between £8 – £11 in added value.

“Everything has changed for me, my confidence, my social life and my financial situation. NH&S has given me space to come to terms with having a mental illness. Before I was on my own and lonely, in and out of hospital. Now I feel supported, I am more stable, I have friends and a volunteering job” (SROI consultation 2017)

Annual satisfaction survey

Some results from our annual service user satisfaction survey 2019 (73% response rate):

  • 100% are happy with the condition of their home and its facilities
  • 97.4% feel safe and secure in their home
  • 100% feel they have enough say in the way their home is run
  • 86.1% felt that Norton Housing & Support helped reduce the number of crises experienced
  • 100% felt that they had a good working relationship with the staff member supporting them.