Main principles

The Charter for Mental Health is a clear set of statements for Service Users and carers about what they can expect from local mental health services in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.  For staff it provides one set of consistent values, making clear what is expected of them and what they can expect from their organisations.

Every person has the right to Mental Health services that:

  • Make a positive difference to each person’s recovery and quality of life
  • Are guided by the individual’s views about what they need and what helps them, giving people the appropriate information they need to make their own decisions and choices about recovery
  • Treat everyone as a capable citizen who can make choices and take control of their own life
  • Recognise that mental health services are only part of a person’s recovery
  • Work together with respect, dignity and compassion
  • Communicate with each person in the way that is right for them
  • Understand that each person has a unique culture, life experience and values
  • Recognise, respect and support the role of carers
  • Challenge stigma, fear and discrimination both within mental health services and in the wider society
  • Put mental health on a par with physical health
  • Are culturally competent and can meet the diverse needs of local people

Have questions?

For more information on the Mental Health Charter or what we do,  please contact us on 0116 2538541 or send an enquiry through the website

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